The Moments In-Between

Todd Glaser's point-and-shoot perspectives from traveling with pro surfers

Anyone who has ever been on a surf trip, regardless of how frothy they are or how much they’re “never going to get out of the water” at one point or another has to come in for food, shade, sleep, or some combination of the three. While most pro surfers are consistently chasing good waves or contest results, there’s plenty of downtime too. For me, as a photographer, my bags are always packed with tons of heavy gear, big lenses, computers, multiple housings in case one breaks, etc. So when the sessions are over sometimes you want to leave them all in their bags and give your back a rest. This is when the old, trusty point-and-shoot comes into play. All the images below were shot with a pocket-sized camera that never leaves my side on trips. It’s small, unobtrusive, and light, which is a great thing any way you look at it. I’ve put together a collection of images from the past year or so on the road of those in-between moments. These images most likely would never see the light of day, were it not for this blog. Words and Photos by Todd Glaser

1- Central Chile

This image is a snapshot of a trip we did down to Central Chile with a pretty stylish crew of guys. Rob Machado, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Ryan Burch, and Jesse Faen, along with Thomas Campbell and a film crew. Everyone on this trip surfed their brains out and could barely keep their eyes open by the end of the day after battling currents and doing the run-around. With no cell reception or internet in either direction, our crew on this journey spent more time making art, music, eating, and sharing stories than being illuminated by bright screens and Instagram hashtags.

2- Rob Machado, Momentum trip to Kandui Villas

Last summer, during the 20-year anniversary Momentum trip, not all the battling was done in the water. As soon as the sun went down, the boys hit the pool and ping pong table--just like they did when they were filming the first movie. Rob had everyone beat on the ping pong table (left-handed), before moving on to the pool table. Here he is giving Taylor Steele a good run for his money.

3-Tavarua, Fiji

After one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, swells to ever be paddled into at Cloudbreak, spirits were high. As we boarded the boat to go to the mainland and head home, a huge storm came in. Strong gusts of wind and blinding rain made the usual 40-minute boat ride a lot longer and wetter. With nothing else to cover up with, we used trashbags to stay dry.


A moment of silence, followed by a toast by Danilo Couto for Sion Milosky as the boys head to the airport in Fiji after surfing the incredible swell that hit Cloudbreak during the Volcom Fiji Pro.

5- The Gudauskii

I don't think there's a bad thing that can be said about these guys. They love to surf, they're power frothers, and they are all talented out of the water too. Cameras, musical instruments, paint pens, and gardening tools litter their house. After loading up the truck we were off on an adventure for waves, though not before taking a photo of the crew.