What Would You Pay for This Surfboard?

What Would You Pay for This Surfboard?

This ad is a masterpiece. A truly stunning example of the finest entertainment Craigslist ads can offer. The Santa Cruz-y vibes wash over the sales pitch like the endless hordes of Silicon Valley-enriched tech workers crawling their wa[...]

Occy Interviews Iggy Pop

Random Happs: Occy Interviews Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop says he doesn’t surf because, according to him, one of his legs is shorter than the other, but he still loves the ocean and is doing a collab with Billabong, so apparently he seemed like a good guest for the Occ-Cast. Th[...]

Random Happenings: Volcom Will Pay You To Live Out Your Dream

Random Happenings: To Hell With Cubicles

Horrible bosses make for funny television. Less so for real life. Same for cubicles, humming lights, and the theft of your leftover pizza from the staff fridge. Volcom wants you to dump the cold horrors of 9-5 life and follow your obse[...]