Random Happenings: A Festival of Laird

Happy birthday you big stud

Laird Hamilton turns 53 years old this week. 53! Still he remains much much stronger, more handsome, and a far better surfer than I will ever be. So to celebrate his forever awesomeness, let’s honor his b-day with some of his truly awesomest performances over the years. Here are eight of my favorite Laird clips. What are yours?

ESPN The Body
“And on the 8th day, rested and full of vigor, the Lord did create Laird and Gabby, to give hope to the hopeless.”

The man can surf on a damn golf course, people.

That time Laird appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club

Oh yeah, work that core

Pay them bills

This excellent scene from “The North Shore” only ’cause I couldn’t find the one of him dancing awkwardly at the Halloween party.

Ok this is legit dope

I like this one, ’cause this is just right outside his front door. His life owns.

Laird, I kid because I’m in awe. All of us hapless mortals are.