Craigslist Find: Shark Attack Board

Santa Cruz surfboard bitten by shark, offered up on Craigslist


Fins, apparently, not included.

Fins, apparently, not included. Lady Gaga CD maybe included.

Santa Cruz surfer Beau Browning, allegedly attacked by a 15-foot shark over the weekend, no longer has any need for his chomped-up board. Chomped-up, and broken in half, actually, so ferocious was the biting. Now, you can own the latest piece of shark v. human history—Browning’s bitten board is now up for sale on Craigslist. It’s a bargain at only $1,000 or in trade for a longboard that hasn’t already been attacked by a shark. We have absolutely no way of knowing whether or not this is fact the same board. But can you take that chance? Bitten-in-two Surftech softtops come only once every great while.

Take it from Browning:

9’0″ SurfTech…Literally buckled and bitten by large white shark attack at Manresa State Beach 9/13/2014. *See K.S.B.W news account with photos. The board is a one-of-a-kind testament to the ferocity of this particular attack.