Drunk History: The Eddie Aikau Story

Watch the booze-drenched trailer

You think you know the story of Eddie Aikau? Well, OK, maybe you do. But have you heard it told by a ridiculously drunk dude from Comedy Central’s Drunk History? They dropped their Hawaii episode earlier this week—watch it online if you have cable—and, being good drunk historians, they tackled the complicated story of Eddie in around five minutes. It's an entertaining and possibly even kinda accurate (maybe) story beginning with his incredible rise to fame as a Hawaiian big-wave charger.

Drunk History's game is having actors lip-sync along with a sloppy-drunk narrator’s mush-mouthed dialogue, recreating scenes with peak hilarity. Jason Mantzoukas of The League plays an uncharacteristically out-of-shape—and very uncharacteristically non-Hawaiian—Eddie while Drunk History creator Derek Waters takes on Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew. Their interpretation of the deeply nuanced story is simplistic, because they're drunk and it’s a comedy show, but the key points are there.

If you can, the full episode is a must-watch. Otherwise, the above trailer will have to do for now.