If you had your choice between maintaining expert-level abilities in tow-surfing, SUPing, hydrofoiling, jetboarding, big-wave surfing, and regular surfing, or being able to enjoy a beer on a hot day, which would you choose?

Personally, while it would be pretty cool to be a superhuman capable of surviving every extreme sport the ocean has to offer, I don't think I'm ready to give up things like beer, wine, ice cream, or whatever, for the privilege.

Laird Hamilton though, he's made a different choice.

"I used to drink red wine every day — nothing like a good Bordeaux — but haven’t had a sip of wine or beer in nine years and have no desire to. I realized that sugar is not good for your body and that alcohol is one of the biggest culprits," he told the L.A. Times in an interview a couple years back. And while that's true, getting pummeled at Jaws isn't really good for your body either, but that's probably beside the point.

Laird was sharing his tips for living forever in that interview, and soon, you'll be able to live forever like Laird too, by following his eating regimen. "Fuel Up: Global Recipes for High-Performance Humans" his new cookbook, comes out this spring. Full of recipes and tips from Laird about how he looks, well, like Laird.

Who knew that high-performance humans® ate so well? According to the presser, Laird throws down lobster in Tahiti, cassoulets in France, snapper in Bali and fancy smoothies in the Maldives.

And that all sounds delicious.

But also, has Laird ever heard of Grace Jones, I wonder? A British woman who turned 110 a couple years back who credits her longevity to a daily shot of whisky. Or Agnes Fenton, a New Jersey woman who died at 112 last year who drank Miller High Life and Johnnie Walker Blue every single day since 1943?

While I'd love to be able to get hit by a truck and survive, as I assume Laird can, if you can't have a beer on the beach in Mexico, what's the point?

What do you think? Will you buy Laird's book and start SUPing into massive Hanalei Bay for eternity? Or live like a humble mortal?