Evan Geiselman’s Big(gest) Spin

The Floridian turns a mediocre section into anything but

Big spins aren’t the most beloved of skateboard tricks, but they do have a place in a skater’s repertoire. In surfing, however, the debate continues as to whether or not they should be glorified.

Just like a pop shuvit, the surfer has to ride out switch stance, which generally means a leash on the front foot and questionable style. You may recall Joel Parkinson calling out Julian Wilson’s pop shuvit in the 2011 Hurley Pro for “crabby switch stance on the rest of the wave.” Sure Joel may not be on the cutting edge of progressive surfing, but no one can question his authority on style.

That said, this one by Evan Geiselman deserves full recognition. If only because most pros well-versed above the lip would have thrown a backside reverse, a trick we’ve all become too accustomed to seeing. Variety keeps things interesting, so I applaud Evan for spicing up what would have otherwise been a mediocre air on a mediocre wave.