I’ve always been a root beer man myself. Coconut is nice too. Never really considered the possibility of weed-scented wax. But a market niché is a powerful drug, and Dave Reynolds (that’s DAVE) Huntington Beach’s most weed-loving wax manufacturer has found his with Weed Waxx.

Took Reynolds a while to dial in the scent without using the real deal. He tried essence of skunk, which doesn’t strike me as the kinda thing I want right under my nose while paddling all session, but he abandoned that idea quickly anyway.

Reynolds finally decided to just drop off some nugs at a fragrance lab to see if they could match it for him.

Voilá, they recreated the scent, and wax of the dank-scented variety was born.

Are you a skater, by any chance? Try “Kurb Kush”—a truly brilliant name—for all your railsliding needs. Snowboarders can wax up with “Speedy’s Wax.” “Maui Wowie,” a big, giant doob of a wax bar, is here for your warmwater sessions.

“Some people think I'm completely nuts and some people think I'm a genius," Reynolds told the OC Register. "I get all kinds of reactions from it."

Speaking of reactions, you won’t get any from Weed Waxx. There is nothing stoney in it. A little hemp seed oil, but that’s as close as the wax comes to actual marijuana.

Weedmaps needs to meet this Weed Waxx guy, pronto.