Be it through special glasses, a car window, a welder’s helmet, a football helmet, nuclear-grade contact lenses, a knight’s hood, or a quick squint, a lot of folks tried to sneak a look at today’s solar eclipse. Surfers, photographers, and filmmakers around the country paused in-between sessions to peer up at the sky for a phenomena that won’t happen for another seven years. While we couldn’t view the scene through our unaided retinas, we could document the experience through our phones. Below is just a slice of the photographic totality that crossed our feed today.

Made it to VB ♥️. Totality Certified

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ready… set… #eclipse

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If you happen to be in the right place.

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Jumped on the bandwagon #solareclipse

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#OrsonWells would be proud.

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Eclipse time in Charleston.

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Eclipse my way to the beach. #eclipse2017

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