I know what you’re thinking: “I enjoy watching that motorcycle man try to surf waves on his dirt bike, but I also like watching Kai Lenny hydrofoil all over the ocean. Why can’t I watch both disciplines combined?”

Well, your long wait is over. Let your thirst for weird blends of water-sport tech be quenched with the Manta 5 Hydrofoil Bike Thingie.

Now, I know those of you who’ve got a solid grasp of physics are also thinking: “How can a human being possibly pedal hard enough to push a propeller-driven craft around at that kind of speed?”

Great question. Surely some of that has to do with how hydrofoils work, a thing that’s frankly a bit of a mystery to me, but also because these beauties are powered with electric motors that provide pedal-assist. Which means they’re probably pretty expensive, but we don’t know because they’re only on pre-order as of now. No price is listed on the website.

Now then, how long until we see these charmingly pedaling down the face of a Jaws behemoth? Not soon enough.