Kelly Slater Kills His Board

Following his loss in Portugal, Slater vents on his foam

When Kelly Slater was knocked out of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal in Round 3 by Aritz Aranburu, seemingly letting his golden opportunity to tighten the title race with Medina slip through his fingers, the champ was, understandably, a little frustrated. After walking into the competitor’s area and away from the camera crew, Slater, believing he was out of the hunt for the title, destroyed his board, fracturing it into three pieces. However, in classic Slater fashion, he gave the hunks of twisted foam to the local groms, garnered his composure, and conducted his post-heat interview without breaking a sweat. All that, and it turns out he’s actually still in the race.

Kelly Destroys His Board

Kelly Breaks Down Breaking Down His Board and the Title Race