Be it known that this video from RYOT of Laird at Chicama is unassailably awesome. Lord knows, we've slung our share of humorous shit toward hydrofoiling, but this video is literally breathtaking when watched in the proper VR format. I have a VR headset somewhere that I'll dig out and try later, but for now, you really want to watch this on the Vimeo app, on either a phone or a tablet. I just spent 10 minutes waving my iPad around this coffeehouse, pumping and driving like I'm the one on a mile-long left and I don't care what anybody in here thinks.

**Note: seriously, watch this through the Vimeo app. You can get some VR features through Chrome on a desktop/laptop, but it ain't optimized for that. A phone or tablet gives you full, clear 360 degree views.**

Laird's biopic "Take Every Wave" comes out on September 29th, so consider this a fancy trailer, I guess. But watch it with the proper app and have fun. The future is here.