Party Wave!

Basque Country doubles with Alex Botelho and João De Macedo

There’s nothing like dropping in on your best bud. Nothing at all. Especially when surfing waves of size and consequence. The spit-second of eye contact that says “I love you, bro” and “fuck you” all at the same time, this is what surfing with your friends is all about. The doubles run you’ll see here was on a solid Basque Country bomb. It’s hard to tell if João De Macedo made blatant eye contact with Alex Botelho before rendering this one a party wave, but judging by the epic ride, we’re gonna say this was a friendly display of affection. A massive pocket holds open as they run down the line of this beast, with Botelho getting pretty deep in the damn thing. They both eventually get blown up to come up laughing and paddle back out for another. At least that’s the story we’re telling ourselves.

Filmed by Ricardo Damásio.