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Random Happenings: Pat Tenore Gets The GQ Treatment

Gentlemen's Quarterly asks RVCA founder for his essentials

The Gentlemen’s Quarterly, the mainstream men’s mag that covers everything from sports and politics to thread count, is on an oddly surfy tear this week. Staff writer Zach Baron’s profile on John Florence was delightful and should be read. Yesterday, an online piece ran on RVCA founder Pat Tenore and the 10 items he can’t do without. Tenore includes a special shoutout to his minivan (“…in my day-to-day life, I drive an S8 Audi or my minivan, which isn't cool, but I love it. If you have kids, you need a minivan.”) The minivan didn’t make the list, unfortunately. But there were other worthy highlights:

Custom Boxing Gear: Custom-made gloves by Everlast and shoes from Mike Tyson’s former gear tailor

Purps Fuel: Made with six purple superfruits (There are six purple superfruits?)

Gold Tooth: After chipping his tooth while boxing, Tenore apparently had to argue to convince his dentist to add some precious-metal flair to his grill. “I had to make it clear, like, ‘I'm the customer, man'”

Boxing Glove Necklace: “It reminds me that with hard work you can accomplish a lot and provide for your family.”

The RVCA Inspiration Wall: Photos, art, and other mementos from a decade spent running one of surfing’s largest clothing brands

A Custom Rolex: A gift after Tenore curated the first show at West Hollywood’s Prism Gallery in 2009.

His Black Belt: “I studied the art of Jiu Jitsu for over 25 years, so this was a huge accomplishment for me and something I worked a long time to achieve. I wasn't able to go to college, so this was my form of college; I think of my black belt as my MBA.”