I don’t know if Dane has read any JP Sartre or not, but right at about the :25 mark of this video, he basically arrives at the same conclusion Sartre does: we’re all acting, not sure of how we really feel or think about the nature of reality. We just know how to act the way we think we’re supposed to. I’m guessing Dane hasn’t read a lot of Sartre because it looks like he’s figuring all of this out on his own as he’s speaking.

So this interview is mostly a list of the things Dane hates. It’s more charming than it sounds. You learn a lot about a person by the things that piss them off. The world’s pretty messed up. If you’re not pissed off by most of it, you’re probably not paying enough attention. That’s from me, not Dane, but I think he’d probably agree.

You wanna know what he thinks about cities? Hates ’em.

Golf? Despises it.

The WSL? Haaaaaaaates it.

People with no spatial awareness? Hates that shit — you and me both, amigo.

People who say amigo? Surely, he hates them too.