Red Crabs of the Apocalypse?

Southern California beaches inundated with tiny red crabs

No need to panic, unless you suffer from ostraconophobia (fear of crustaceans—very reasonable I might add), but thousands and thousands of little red crabs, called tuna crabs, are washing ashore on Southern California beaches. Normally, these little dudes float around toward the tip of Baja. But warmer waters have carried them north and deposited them all over the place from San Diego into Orange County. It’s not especially unusual, and happens every few years, though it’s thought that this involuntary migration may be related to El Niño conditions in the Pacific. It’s also already happened earlier this year. Back in January, a whole bunch of tuna crabs vacationed on the beaches of Newport. No word yet from authorities on whether or not the arrival of these crabs heralds the biblical end times.

Scientists warn that these crabs shouldn’t be eaten, since their diet consists of plankton, some of which may be toxic to humans.