Intense, extreme, and radical: three words to describe the new Samsung/WSL video, though probably not in the way you might be thinking. The production is magnificent, upholding to the highest levels of cinematic practice, and the ad stars a slough of top surf professionals. But the extremity of the piece, well it’s just not something that can be overlooked.

Narrated by the voice of Aussie God and opening with the standard “Hollywood budget” helicopter shot, the tale being told is one that’s been forced on us surfers for years: “Together we are one,” (or something along those lines.) The clip brings in one example of each of the most extreme versions of every “surfer” on the planet. From the local punching you out at a break you shouldn’t be filming at, to Gabriel Medina shedding a tear on the beach as he goes for his second World Title, (maybe next year Gabby), you’ve got every version of the modern surfer because, of course, “We are greater than I.” The only thing really missing from this radical commercial is the CEO barking orders to those beneath him/her that if the surf team doesn’t start producing some sort of revenue then the entire program is getting cut. At the end of the film the message could not be anymore clear: “Buy this damn Samsung product because we are surfers, just like you!”