Slow-Motion Carnage at The Wedge

Oh wipeouts, why must you be so enjoyable to watch?

It’s a foolproof formula. Take some super HD footage of The Wedge at its most menacing and slow it down so that every detail of every wave is seen in full. And oh, the glorious wipeouts! They’ll have you simultaneously laughing and crying at their absurdity. Just imagine pulling back on a 20-foot wave that breaks over dry sand only to get sucked over the falls (1:45 and 2:50). And don’t forget about the crowds. Nothing quite like mustering up the will to huck yourself over the ledge only to get cutoff (0:36, 0:58, 1:12, and 4:01). All-in-all, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable watch, if only for the dude at 3:30 that casually strokes into a bomb…and somehow makes the drop. Bravo.