Subaru Ad Tugs at Surfer Heartstrings

If it's good enough for Harbor Bill, it's good enough for you

Up here in the wilds of Northern California, there are but three vehicle options: Subaru, Prius, and the Toyota Tacoma. History shows that two of these three capable rides will age lovingly, covered in well-earned dents and scratches and plastered with stickers boasting of national parks visited and types of action sports participated in, while the third will meld back into the shapeless utilitarian void from which it came.

Care to guess which is which?

If you like things that are built to last (while also eating head gaskets and shedding transmissions and burning oil at an alarming rate), you’ll love the new Subaru commercial, which features both an aged Subie as well as Santa Cruz’s “Harbor” Bill Mulcoy, well-weathered father of Josh Mulcoy, and a man I’d very much like to resemble in my later years.

Having a pleasant, capable car, a good coffee mug brimming with a finely-poured cup of fair trade, and a leisurely morning drive down to an obscure-ish, semi-localized surf spot that ain’t really anywhere near Santa Cruz, is one of the most enjoyable parts of a winter surf session, is it not?

While it’s meant to push the glaringly-new neon orange Crosstrek number that I’d be terrified to park at any surf spot north of Ventura, this commercial will probably help sell a couple dozen old Subarus on Craigslist. I’m clicking over there myself as I type, as a matter of fact.