A surf park of massive proportions is planned for Austin, Texas, with its development team pushing to open the gates in 2016. The founder and CEO of NLand Surf Park LLC, Doug Coors, is a direct descendent of Coors Brewing founder Adolph Coors. Coors, a self-proclaimed engineer and surfer, claims to have just finished a 15-year journey to find the proper technology to mimic an actual surf break. Now he plans to create the largest inland surf destination in North America.

According to their website (which you can no longer access, password protected), and local news affiliate KXAN Austin, the wave park will be roughly the size of nine football fields and will feature 11 different surfing areas, with four different surfing levels ranging from beginner to pro. The massive surf lagoon will be able to generate 300 distinct waves per hour that are up to six-feet tall and have barreling capabilities, with rides lasting up to 35 seconds. Allegedly.

The technology behind the project has been developed in conjunction with the team and tech at Wavegarden in Spain, whose wave park in the Basque Country has pumped out thousands of waves to this date. The most cutting-edge aspect of the proposed NLand Surf Park, in Texas, is the claim that the park will be self-sustaining with rainwater, even in the driest of drought conditions. A media conference announcing further details of the surf park’s plans is scheduled for Thursday.