The Gentleman Surfer

I'll be damned, that floater was dapper

It was only a few months ago that Quiksilver Japan introduced the first actual wet suit, and for most of us it seemed like more of a novelty and a joke than something anyone would actually purchase. Welp, we were wrong.

If you visit Quik’s Japanese site, you’ll see that all of their true wet-“suits” are sold out, which may have prompted the collab in the video above. While surfing has never been much about cleanliness (see: peeing in your wetsuit) or being well-dressed (see: trunks and sandals at Surfer Poll), it appears that in modern times, when hipster surfers run rampant and hang with Hollywood models, the scope of our scene has changed drastically. Here’s Luke Davis, Nick Rosza, Matt McCabe, and Byrd Hair Commander Chase Wilson proving just that.