“The call went out to 24 competitors around the world: Drop whatever you’re doing…and get on a plane. The Day of Reckoning…was here.”

Sprinkle in plenty of dramatic pauses and personify Mavericks to a degree of Seussian monster thumpty-thumps, and you’ll get something like HBO’s newest episode from Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, a 14-minute documentary on Half Moon Bay and the running of this year’s Titans of Mavericks competition.

The surf footage compels like few spots on earth can. But the amount of production-induced drama pumped into the storytelling is definite Hollywood. The five weather computer screens deep in purple blobs, and only one in honest use. A strong dose of oft-center camera gazing. A voice-of-god announcer reading a script straight from the teaser trailer of a sci-fi blockbuster. Over-the-top, as usual.

Mavericks puts the fear of God, and righteously so, into any self-respecting big-wave surfer, and legends like Skindog and Jamie Mitchell try to redeem the wave’s description as much as possible, and are great interviews. Still, as the sport grows in popularity, the edit is another case study of just how corny the bites need to be for a general, mass audience.

Anyway, watch as the world’s best-known big wave is more, uhh, known-er.