Horrible bosses make for funny television. Less so for real life. Same for cubicles, humming lights, and the theft of your leftover pizza from the staff fridge.

Volcom wants you to dump the cold horrors of 9-5 life and follow your obsession with their new campaign, #ThisFirst. It might be the simplest job application you’ll ever fill out.

Two questions stand between you and your chance to win $5,000, which is the unofficial dollar amount needed to follow your dream: (1) What’s your “This”? (2) What would it mean to put your “This” first? How you answer — you can do so through Instagram, Facebook, or the classic way of the web page — is up to you, though you’ll need to back up your case with a photo or a short video. Applications are accepted through June 21st. 15 winners worldwide will be chosen, whose works will be promoted across the brand’s digital channels and featured at a wrap party in Austin’s Volcom Garden. Just remember that your entry needs to include three specific hashtags: #ThisFirst, #Contest, and whatever tag applies to your regional abbreviation, like so:

  • United States, Canada: #NA
  • France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom: #EU
  • Australia, New Zealand: #AUS
  • Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Panama, Ecuador: #LATAM
  • Japan: #JP
  • Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, China: #APAC

Curious? Read the official rules here.