VW Teases Yet Another Fancy Microbus

Meet the ID Buzz

Well, well, well, VW is at it again with the teasing of a new microbus concept. This time at the Detroit Auto Show. Seriously, with the amount of money they’ve spent on designing and building these likely-never-to-be-mass-produced microbus prototypes, they could have bought back all the cheating diesels they foisted on the American car market.

This is the FIFTH iteration of the concept bus. This time it’s called ID Buzz. Holy hell, what a name. Last time they unveiled one of these tech-choked monstrosities, it was called the Budd-E, which, yeah, you should feel a little sick after reading that. Does VW think that toddlers buy $70k vans? What sort of an adult would purchase a vehicle called the ID Buzz?

Anyhoo, let’s look at this one here. Hmm, ok, it’s got a few little nods to the original microbus, like the fake air intakes at the rear, and the snub-nosed front. The pillars look throwback-y too, which is fine, I guess. It’s electric, like the Budd-E, which is great, but still: why would I want this? Because it looks vaguely like a 50-year old vehicular icon? Pass. Just make a really good van that’s not relying on cutesy, schmaltzy, sickeningly nostalgic appeal, Volkswagen. You used to make those, you know. People loved them. Just figure out what that van looks like today, without relying on an aging baby boomer’s sense of style to guide your design.

Look, if you really want to buy a cool surf-ish car with blast-to-the-pastness as its main selling point, wait for the 2020 Ford Bronco refresh. I am.