What Being A Female Surfer Really Looks Like

Logger Lauren Hill pokes fun at the unfiltered realities of being a female surfer–and it's 100% spot-on

I know it's hard to believe, but sometimes the photos we see on Instagram are drastically filtered versions of what reality is really like. It's shocking, I know.

In the short film above, Lauren Hill, the talented longboarder originally from Florida, takes a comedic look at the disparities between how women surfers are represented on social media (tanned, hairless, perky-boobed) and what most of us actually look like out in the water (sometimes hairy, sometimes snot-nosed, always struggling to keep tits and nether regions covered). It’s a tongue-in-cheek, six-minute view of the many inconveniences women have to deal with when paddling out––like, as you’ll see in the edit, making sure tampon strings and bikini strings are where they should be. But even among the film’s light-heartedness, Hill shines a light on how many women struggle to balance the pressures of needing to be sexy with just trying to have a good time in the water. And it celebrates the women who acknowledge the struggle, but choose to shrug off the self-consciousness in pursuit of waves.

Also, everything in the film is 100% accurate. Especially the part at the end when Hill’s trying to get out of her wetsuit in a sexy manner.