Remember when the WSL gave you the ability to tuck beneath a Teahupoo barrel from the plush of your chair and spin every which way, with CJ Hobgood as your VR guide? Looks like more companies are following suit. A new edit from Wild Atlantic Way gives you a similar trip beneath the Cliffs of Moher, as you’re towed in, hoody and all, through a heavy Irish tube. We suggest you turn up the resolution to the 4K setting, as the footage is still a little crude. It’s clear that the VR train is on the move, though, maybe even toward a new standard where stationary edits are, well, relics.

A few tips:

  • Watch the clip on your laptop or desktop. If you have the latest version of Chrome, you should be fine.
  • Use the little hand icon to pull and navigate your way around the clip.