Will Ferrell Wants to Help Surfers

Kelly Slater joins forces with the comedian in a spoof video that pits surfers against endangered animals

Why would you want to raise the river when you can move the ocean? That’s the common sense solution Will Ferrell offers to counter Robert Redford’s movement to help endangered species along the Colorado River delta. Ferrell confesses his concern for surfers around the 1:40 mark and then Kelly Slater pops in around 2:20. Slater has no qualms with Ferrell’s movement to help “American Professional Surfers” who have to travel to far-off locales like Fiji to surf. The solution, he suggests, lies in moving the ocean so all surfers have better access to adequate surf and the rivers are raised. Win-win, right? We can’t help but imagine that pro surfers enjoy traveling to exotic destinations so siding with Raise the River on this issue isn’t a bad idea.