Andrew Cotton just last week was awarded the “Worst Wipeout of the Year” at the SURFER Awards. He was heavily throttled and broke his back in a devastating Nazaré spill in November last year.

So, in a totally absurd, not-at-all-deserved kick in the face from fate, Cotty suffered another terrible fall this past Sunday while surfing in the Punta Galea Challenge in Spain. He tore his ACL and will be out of the water for many months, especially lame for Cotty because this has been such a promising big-wave season so far.

The injury happened when he straightened out on a 15-foot wave and the lip came crashing down on his back leg, popping his ligament in an instant.

Cotton was held underwater for nearly 30 seconds before being pulled to safety by lifeguards.

The cheerful, articulate (seriously, the best interview in surf) Brit told the BBC, “I don’t think people understand the force of being hit by that amount of water. It’s like being hit by a lorry, and you can’t train for that.”

“It’s gutting. It felt like it was all going so well and I was getting stronger and looking to peak in the second half of the season.”

“What can I say, you gotta pay to play,” he said on his IG account. Absolutely gutted to get injured in the @puntagaleachallenge yesterday, this wave landed on my back leg and lit me up pretty intensely.”

This guy can’t seem to catch a break. Or, maybe he catches too many of them, I suppose. Either way, he’ll be back.