An Ideal Wetsuit Jacket for Summer in Southern California

Patagonia's Summer Wetsuit Jacket

Southern California has been enjoying record-high water temps recently (yet somehow supremely-confused fullsuit-wearers still abound in pedestrian lineups), which means that if you do feel compelled to don any neoprene in the early mor[...]

What to Bring to the Basque Country

What to Bring to the Basque Country

Over the years, Spain's Aritz Aranburu has built a reputation among touring surf professionals as one of the most hospitable hosts in all of Europe. "I always enjoy showing my international friends around when they are in town," says t[...]

Design Forum: Album Surfboard’s Insanity Model

Design Forum: Album’s Insanity Model

Since launching in the early 2000s, Southern California's Album Surfboards has cultivated worldwide intrigue, adapting an emphasis on elegant, minimal aesthetics to a range of distinctive, functional shapes built for a variety of waves[...]

What to Bring on a Baja Camping Surf Trip

What to Bring When Camping in Baja

"No expectations," says Californian Alex Gray of his pre-Baja mantra. "Every time I’ve had expectations of incredible surf, I’ve been let down. I think the mindset needs to be focused on a fun trip with friends. Scoring sur[...]

Watch: Dane Reynolds Shreds Bonzer

Watch: Dane Reynolds Shreds Bonzer

Malcolm Campbell, Britt Merrick and Dane Reynolds have collab’d themselves into a bit of magic. Ever ridden a bonzer? My word, do they favor power. Not for the light of feet, the beautiful weirdness of a bonzer bottom and fin set[...]