Sure, that perpetual attention thief that you keep in your pocket called a smart phone will tell you the time, tide, forecast, what your friends had for lunch, what Game of Thrones memes are trending and everything else you should (and shouldn’t) know. But really, as a surfer, having a tried-and-true tide watch that you can wear in and out of the water is still a crucial instrument to know life’s most-essential information—whether or not your spot is about to turn on. And Nixon’s Base Tide Pro watch displays the essentials at a glance—no facial recognition or passcode required.

With tidal information for 550 locations for the next 15 years hardwired under the tough-as-nails hood of the Base Tide Pro, you’re able to know what the ocean is up to even in the most feral locales where there isn’t a scrap of 4G to be found. The Base Tide Pro also has the sunrise and sunset times of these 550 surf destinations programmed in, so you can set its alarm for a dawn patrol session or know at a glance exactly how much time you’ve got to finish up work and sneak out for three to the beach before dark.

The Nixon Base Tide Pro.

The Base Tide Pro is water resistant up to 100 meters deep, which means that not only are you good to go in any conceivable surf conditions, but you’re also golden for casual freediving if you’re the sort capable of catching your own dinner. But despite the durable construction of the Base Tide Pro, comfort has not been compromised. Its ultra-soft band is injection-molded and has a double-locking looper that even the most vicious floggings can’t rip from your wrist.

Nixon knows that a good watch is as much a choice of fashion as it is function, which is why they’ve kept the Base Tide Pro about as clean as they come design-wise, with colors ranging from solid neutrals for those who like it understated to something a little louder.

All said, the Base Tide Pro is about as simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing a tide watch as you’ll find. It goes for $125, and you can pick yours up here.

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