Note: The Product Blog is an independent review of new surf gear and solely reflects our opinions based on our own experience. This is not an advertisement.

Nothing that Poler Stuff makes can be ridden on a wave, and we don't recommend wearing anything they make while riding waves either. Regardless, this outdoor equipment brand out of Portland, Ore. has everything to do with surfing. Poler Stuff gave us a set of gear to break in down here on the coastlines of Southern California, and the stuff has stood the test of anything we've thrown at it.

The Man Tent sets up in mere minutes and breaks down just as quickly. The 3-piece tent is pure utility, with a single unit of aluminum poles framing the sturdy tent and rain fly. It's wide and tall, plenty of room for a spacious one or a cozy two. For surfers, a good tent packs up small, withstands coastal weather, and can be set up in the dark; the Man Tent meets all these needs.

Also included was the Rucksack, a no-frills bag that reminds you that all a bag really does is hold stuff. Heavy-duty material and construction in a bag you could just as easily wear while hiking to a pointbreak in Mexico as you could to work on the Monday after. Plenty of room to thread a wetsuit through the buckle snaps, to stash a full set of clothes in on the shore, or to hide a 12-pack in to get past the park rangers.

The Napsack is the standout item in the lineup, a unique combination of sleeping bag and puffy vest that feels like a wearable hug. Perfect for camping, couch surfing, morning surf checks, and anywhere else you're not too self-conscious to wear it. It most definitely has a Snuggie-esque "how soon is it acceptable to wear this in public?" thing going for it. An attached hood, with zippered armholes, chest pockets, and a drawstring bottom to be closed while sleeping or opened while walking.

The Man Tent: $170
The Rucksack: $60
The Napsack: $130