Albee Layer at Jaws, one of the many reasons to go find a screening of Attractive Distractions. Photo:

Albee Layer at Jaws, one of the many reasons to go find a screening of Attractive Distractions. Photo: Dooma

Albee Layer's new film seemed to have come out of nowhere, but upon its arrival it instantly solidified the Maui crew as one of the most diverse group of shredders on the planet. If you take healthy doses of travel, soundtrack, and production, and add them to an unhealthy dose of insanity from some of surfing's rawest underground hellmen, you get Attractive Distractions. Pepper in some strange yet intriguing poetry and a good helping of Hawaii-babe transitions, and the resulting flick is one you need to see, surely a contender in the Movie of the Year category at Surfer Poll. Layer made a solid statement with this film.

The film casually opens with a hectic airdrop-to-foamball-to-drainer combo from Layer and doesn't slow down the least bit through to a montage of the boys pulling into superman-size barrels at Jaws for the grand finale. Everything you could ask for is accounted for in-between. Innovative air game, solid power surfing, and barrel riding you won't believe. Beautiful captures of scenery and foreign landscapes stand to divide the chapters of the film as you are woven from one destination to the next. With appearances from some of your soon-to-be favorite surfers (Nick Von Rupp, Ryan Hipwood, Kai Barger, Hank Gaskell, Ricardo Cristie, Tyler Larronde), some of your already favorite surfers (Matt Meola, Clay Marzo, Chippa Wilson), and one of the gnarliest airs we've ever seen stuck by John John Florence, there is no shortage of high action in this film.

Layer and his cast’s incessant pursuit of progress with aerial maneuvers and rotations and their assault in the big wave arena naturally translated to an epic production. Attractive Distractions exceeded expectations, and was the first full-length surf film to capture my undivided attention since DONE. Get to a premiere.

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