Graham Nash and Reagan Ritchie, the directorial team behind such, uh, classics as Get-N Classic and Get-N Classic Vol. 2, now bring you Get-N Classic Vol. 3, and it will make you shout at the screen more than any surf movie has in a long time. Sometimes you’ll be shouting “No, God, don’t go!” at somebody stoically stroking into a life threatening wave on the North Shore. Other times you’ll be making animalistic guttural noises, grunting along with one of Nathan Fletcher’s violent hacks. And then there will be laughing. Mirthful laughter in fact as you watch the merry Gudauskas clan and Dylan Graves score the most ridiculous little Caribbean sand slab you’ve ever seen. And really what else could you want in a surf movie besides thrills, grunts, and chuckling? Nothing.

Well, OK, you say, but what about grooving? You get that too. Joel Tudor and Alex Knost are on board to satisfy your jonesing for non-thruster shredding. Tudor alone rides about 15 different kinds of boards in everything from two-foot peelers to terrifying Pipe. There’s even some feminine ripping, of the Leila Hurst variety. The Vans team is well-rounded you see, and the film shows off their range by filming all over the world: Hawaii (massive waves), the South Pacific (huge surf), Peru (ungodly big), France (pretty big too), Mexico (super huge), Scotland (fun city), and many more locales. In addition to the Gudangs, Nathan Fletcher, Leila Hurst, and Dylan Graves, you get Nathan Florence, Andrew Doheny, and Kalani Chapman, among others.

Blending big-wave charging, longboard cruising, shortboard boosting, and Knost-ian flowing into one movie should be the template for a whole lot more surf films. As should the inclusion of more Nathan Fletcher. His surfing in GNC Vol. 3 is of the “Best Performance of the Year” variety. The man is truly, utterly fearless, is one of the best tuberiders on earth, and possesses one of history’s wickedest forehand gouges, a turn he likes to employ in the strangest parts of a wave. More Nathan Fletcher please. The other Nathan, Nathan Florence, will go an any wave, anywhere, as long as that wave is big enough to obliterate his poor bones into a paste. Most of the times I covered my eyes in horror during the film it was because of some absurd wave Florence was negotiating. I’d pay good money to see him battle brother John John in a Pipe Masters final.

Did I mention that Dane Reynolds is in it too? It’s a must watch.

You interested? Watch it here: