The Young and Not-So-Brilliant

To the youth: May this image always be a lesson to you. Photo: Gilley

Rob Gilley

Recently cut from the Surfer photography staff, Rob Gilley is now applying a surprising new talent for embittered, sardonic prose to the

Young people don't always make good decisions. In fact, let's face it: They usually make bad decisions. Take the above photo, for example. What at the time seemed like a brilliant self-portrait idea has now set the bar as one of the most laughed at images in surf slide show history.

The interesting part is that the two photographers pictured here were receiving a high secondary education at the time--which goes to show that schooling means absolutely nothing.

Young people are basically idiots, and if you want proof, just ask an older version of themselves.

So the next time your buddy asks you to paddle out when its 40-foot and closed out, or jump off a cliff into shallow water, or drink grain alcohol, or streak naked through the Quad during an electrical storm, or (heaven forbid) take a self-portrait, run away. Run away, quickly.