Professionals Being Everyday People

Nobody is above a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Top-tier professional athletes are often portrayed as superheroes. Perhaps it’s because many of them are simply cut from a different cloth than the rest of us. Case in point: Any person that wakes up at the crack of dawn, drinks a kale smoothie, and heads straight to their personal trainer for a grueling workout before starting their day simply isn’t like most of us. Have you seen the traps on the new-and-improved Dusty Payne? Those things don’t come without a lot of sweat. And you know that Taylor Knox didn’t earn his “Captain America” moniker by hitting the snooze button. And while us everyday folk may admire the determination of pro athletes, the cold reality is that most of us truly can’t keep pace with their unyielding commitments to their craft.

For this reason, we’ve also come to appreciate the “everyday” professional athlete. This is the athlete that doesn't train daily, willingly drinks coffee from a gas station, enjoys a nice afternoon beer, and doesn't drive the nicest car on the block. But what they do in their daily routine is something we can all idolize: they surf AND get paid to do it. While the thought of paddling out and ripping into a Reynolds-esque blow tail is still far out of the question for many of us, knowing that Dane wakes up and eats toast with cream cheese and Tapatío gives us some hope, even if it’s the smallest crumb.