John John’s SPY Shades

They fold, and how!

(Form + function + novelty) x [2(John)] = a good pair of sunglasses.

SPY FOLD Sunglasses
$120/$180 HAPPY at

This is no place for fashion advice, but we can't help but to extoll the virtues of these sunglasses. They fold up, not like the standard “hook 'em in your collar" fold, but more like a multi-hinged, MacGyver, gotta go, life on the run, front-pocket type of operation.

Apparently, the bougie brands are all about folding sunglasses. The high-fashion business elite, with their tailored shirts and dress codes, they don't hang glasses on their pressed white collars. They prefer to pocket them, so that when they're...doing business, or whatever...nothing gets in between them and their networking.

These shades, lightweight with durable frames and those infamous, horny HAPPY lenses, they sit nice on the face and make life easy for the ol' retinas. The consolidated form, the folded origami frame, fits compact and impact resistant in a front pocket, board bag, glove box, wherever.

At the rate that standard sunglasses break, it’s hard to invest in premium shades. But the utility of this pair of sunnies could be the answer. Essentially, the frames fold in all the spots where all your other pairs break. Problem solved, SURFER Approved.