Leatherman Surf Tool

The new surf tool from Leatherman will make a man out of you. Maybe.

Leatherman SURFER Approved

For those of us that can be trusted with sharp objects.

Let's be up front, shall we? Us in the office, we yearn for sharp tools and things that explode. Manly things to distract us from our keyboards, you know?

Lo and behold, the new all-black c33sx surf-inspired multi tool from Leatherman just showed up. Complete with a 2.5" black blade, (yeah, a black knife) the new multi-tool from Leatherman was actually designed for surfers and comes with a built-in fin key, a carabiner clip that can open beers, a blade launcher, and a screwdriver.

Remember that time you were deep in the jungles of Indo, fighting hordes of tigers and Al-Qaeda splinter groups while preparing to slay a heaving left point only to realize that you forgot your FCS key? With the Leatherman Crater c33sx, you're in luck. Terrorists will beg for forgiveness, and so will that mysto point. To boot, the knife can cut its way through the tires and leashes of non-locals alike, so there's that, too, if you want to be a dick. Plus, it's f--king black! So for all you softies out there, go buy the new Leatherman surf tool. It'll make a man out of you, I promise. At the least, it'll tighten the shit out of your fins.