Nixon Blaster

The sound is great and there's a bro in the box

Nixon Blaster
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When the Nixon Blaster showed up in the SURFER office, we did what anyone else in our situation would do: We tried to recreate a Corona commercial. We paired the sucker up, fled the office, wriggled our toes into the damp sand of the nearest blown-out San Clemente beachbreak and immediately set about relaxing (we're good at that).

Part of the reason we're so adept at commercial recreating is we get to do it often. These days, Bluetooth speaker systems are almost as ubiquitous as the smartphones they pair with and nary a week goes by without one showing up at the office for us to test out.

But what makes the Nixon Blaster different from the other systems (and why we like it) is The Blaster's heft. OK, it's not like you're carting around a Marshall stack, but it is chunkier than some of the other portable speaker systems out there. The result is a big sound, one that won't drown in the wind or the sound of crashing waves.

Combine a long-lasting battery with a rugged rubber exterior and you have a speaker system perfect for long summer days on the beach. So when you power the Blaster down and the bro in the box says "See ya later," you actually believe him.