Because they could use the support

Rob Machado, a key member of #TeamGoofyfoot. Photo: Glaser

Rob Machado, a key member of #TeamGoofyfoot. Photo: Glaser

Sure, they have Gerry Lopez, Tom Carroll, Derek Ho, Occy(!), and the Hobgoods. But the last decade has been rough on the right-foot forward crew. Since the start of the Andy Irons era in 2002, there have been 12 straight years of absolute domination by regular footers on the World Tour. C.J. Hobgood in 2001 was the last goofyfoot world champ. A couple years before him, in 1999, Occy won. So there was a brief respite in between Kelly Slater 1.0 and Andy Irons, but since then it’s been all Kelly Slater 2.0 and Mick Fanning (with a sprinkle of Parko). Hell, the goofyfooters on Tour have resorted to an unofficial goofyfoot world champ title, which Kai Otton won in 2013 and Gabriel Medina in 2012. Speaking of Gabriel…

All of this suffering has prompted SURFER photographer and goofyfooter Todd Glaser to create #TeamGoofyfoot. It’s a small movement, but isn’t that how all big things begin? Todd, a Cardiff Reef local when home (which is less often than one might think), credits Rob Machado, Pat Millin, Nick Marshall, Taylor Clark, Paul Roach (yeah, this Paul Roach), Ryan Burch, Dane Gudauskas, and Joel Tudor as card-carrying members. The crew, though, is by no means exclusive because it also includes, according to Todd, “Every surfer that puts their right foot forward!”

So, here’s to goofyfooters. May their future be full of world champions, perfect left barrels, and, of course, more Machado.