Photo: Starky

Handplanes made from mushrooms: Raising ’em high at Off The Wall. Photo: Starky

If you don’t bodysurf, start. It’s easy fun and impossible to take seriously. And while you don’t absolutely have to use a handplane—fins are far more important—you’re probably gonna want to give one a go, unless you’ve got the natural ability of Mark Cunningham. And if you do go with a handplane, you’ve now got the option of picking one up that’s 100% compostable.

Enjoy Handplanes, who makes the best in the biz, have recently teamed up with a company called Ecovative to build handplanes out of a mushroom-based foam (called Myco Foam). The little board is then glassed with eco-friendly bio-based resin, wrapping the whole thing up in a nice, biodegradable package.

The handplane is small, light, durable, and looks great. It’s also one of the few surf toys you can buy that will add nothing to a landfill. What’s not to love?

Click below for a little window into how these planes are made. Or grown. Or whatever.