Baja, here you come.

Baja, here you come.

Are you a well-heeled surf tripper, perhaps a Ranch parcel owner, say, with some hardcore overlanding to do on the way to a favored break? Do you like the kinds of 4x4s that require you to roll up your fancy khakis and squat in mud up to the axles to physically lock the front hubs? Do you know what that last sentence means? If so, I’ve got an idea for you and that $100,000 that you’re itching to extravagantly part with.

You should buy one of these sweet-ass Land Rover Defender Series 1 “Reborns.”

The Land Rover Defender is probably the best, most capable offroad vehicle ever built for regular (rich) people, but it’s on hiatus until Land Rover starts up production again in 2018. In the meantime, they’ll build you a perfectly restored 1948 Series 1 Defender—the first Land Rover ever made—and I mean to tell you, this is the perfect surf car.

It’s got a meager 50 hp engine, true. But it doesn’t burn a ton of gas, it climbs like a goat, and, well, just look at it. Peel that canvas back and you’ve got an open-top convertible, just begging to chug through jungle jeep trails in Nicaragua or Panama somewhere. Or, you could bolt on a hard-top and make this thing a burly, armored expedition rig, and put-put around the deserts of Baja all day, every day. Can’t you just picture the tails of a couple of your favorite…whatever kinda boards you ride poking out the back of this thing?

interior of the gods

Interior of the gods

No cheap plastic to scratch up. No dull carpet to get blood stains on. Just hose the sumbitch out if you get it all sandy and muddy.

They literally don’t make cars like this anymore, which is why Land Rover is only restoring original 1948 models for this heaven-sent project. If you have the means, congrats, and please buy one. Then tell in lavish detail all about its joys.