Turn Your Thruster Into A Single Fin

With the "Model T" from Awesome Surfboards

Curious what your thruster would ride like as a single-fin? Here's your answer. The Model T from Awesome Surfboards.

Curious what your thruster would ride like as a single-fin? Here’s your answer. The Model T from Awesome Surfboards.

Model T $80 Awesome Surfboards

There’s a segment in Searching for Tom Curren (or maybe Feral Kingdom?) where Tommy tries about four times in a row to nail a backside floater on a glassy little beachbreak number in, let’s say, France. On his last attempt, he throws his squat little shortboard up on the lip, more or less makes it, but comes unstuck on the landing. His board bounces up into the air, slowly rotates on its axis, reveals its bottom contours, and…wait a sec. He’s on a single-fin?

Ever since, I’ve dreamed of having a single-fin shortie. I’ve just never gotten around to ordering a high-performance board gutted by a big ole’ single-fin box. For years I’ve wondered why fin companies couldn’t just make a single-fin that would fit into a regular thruster fin box, but that would extend the base of the fin forward, pushing it away from the tail.

Well, somebody has.

Northern California-based Awesome Surfboards presents the “Model T.” It’s a 7.25″ single that clicks right into the center box of a Futures thruster setup. The base of the Model T juts toward the nose of the board, edging it ever so slightly forward. It’s not quite where you’d put your fin if you had a traditional single-fin box, but it’s close. It’s a very stiff fin, with almost no flex. So it ain’t perfect.

But it’s fun! It’ll scratch any single-fin itch you may be harboring, at least for a few sessions. Slapping it on a 5’10” roundtail turned the thing into a cadillac. Once it got moving it was screamingly fast in a straight line, but required a little planning and finesse to coax it through turns. Sometimes though, that’s exactly the vibe you’re looking for. Cruisy. Unhurried. I wish the fin had more flex, and it’d be great if it could be positioned just a bit further forward, but the Model T is nevertheless a fun little pace-changing tool. Give it a look.