The Vestal Brig

Tide and train with this essential surf accessory

Vestal Brig Tide and Train

If you’re not tracking the tide, you’re late.

Vestal Brig Tide & Train
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Survey says the Brig is a solid watch and a choice surf accessory, a reliable source for the information when determining whether the local beachie is firing or flat. It tells the time, and tells it well. The oversized display dominates the forearm in a good way, and the screen has no glare, heaps of information, and high ease of use. Its bold design looks heavy on the wrist, but it actually wears with a pretty sleek profile.

The surf-specific features of this watch are what sets it apart. A heat countdown timer that’s just as useful for tracking how much time is left on your parking meter. It includes a circuit stopwatch for workouts, which allows you to set dual times for both "suffer" and "recover" intervals, then alerts with beeps and flares when to switch between the two. The Brig has more than 200 tide settings from beaches all over the world to choose from to set as your default, and also the option to create a custom setting for any specific break. With 16 hours of the tide info and specific high/low tide times, once you have it dialed it's a quick resource for what the tide is doing locally and what the next few hours look like as well. SURFER approved.