Wax Vending

Forgot your wax? NBD.

Rain or shine, day or night. Wait, why would you need wax on a rainy night?

Get your hands on some wax rain or shine, day or night. Wait, why do you want wax on a rainy night?

Wax Vending

Anything more annoying than waking early for a dawn patrol session, driving 15 minutes to the beach, squirming into a damp wetsuit, and realizing that you forgot your f–king wax? Thankfully, Wax Vending is on a mission to save absent-minded surfers during these times of traction crisis. They’ve installed more than 50 wax vending machines outside of core surf shops so you can score some Bubble Gum Surf Wax any day, any time. The wall-mounted contraptions require zero electricity and are insulated, ventilated, and designed to resist the furies of nature as well as the vandalization of teenagers.

Worried this will cramp surf-shop revenue? While surfers are only charged $1 per bar, shop owners actually pocket $1 for each bar too, thanks to the ad model they’ve established with brands like Electric and Freestyle. The only issue, as far as we’re concerned, is that these machines are only located on the East Coast. Your move, waxman.