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Shea Lopez

The author of SURFER's Top 32 Review, Shea Lopez spent 11 years competing on the World Tour and now reigns as our resident expert on the pro surfosphere.

After 24 hours of life on the point at Snapper and around the rocks at D-Bah, I’ve already seen enough action to feel like I’ve been here a solid week. Fun waves are breaking everywhere you look with all of the top 32 on them. They surf multiple times a day, searching through fresh quivers for that magic board. From what I’ve seen of Joel Parkinson, he looks fitter, sharper, and more focused than ever. His best mate Mick Fanning…looks like Mick Fanning always looks, deadly. K10 and Taylor Knox surfed a few hours ago at D-Bah, K10 on one of his round nose 5’4″s that looked fun and super fast in the tube, but he wasn’t even close to the form Knox was exhibiting as he layed down flawless combos and a few turns nobody else in the world is capable of. Which got me thinking; if Knox is the only surfer that can turn so technically perfect, fast, and powerful, yet there are hundreds of surfers that can boost, are Knox’s turns more difficult than an aerial? And should they be getting scored higher?

And if you are still second-guessing your FS team, you may want to think about adding Mitch Crews to your squad. The young Australian has a very complete repertoire that will allow him to match or even surpass many of the top 32 in the playful walls of Snapper, which was postcard perfect today. For tomorrow, Parko is hinting towards more sand across the bar and a better direction for the swell as the opening day of the Quik Pro could be a real scorcher, both in the water and out.