You’ve encountered a Disneyland analogy before.

The idea is that Disneyland, to a child, is the physical embodiment of perfection. It is everything that a young mind could conceive of and perceive as good. It is a place where imagination meets reality, where dreams come to life. It is paradise.

And so the analogy is used to describe anything paradisiacal to a certain set of a people.

Las Vegas is Disneyland for (degenerate) adults. It has gambling and blinking lights and a wide variety of controlled substances that make those blinking lights significantly more exciting.

The Old Country buffet is Disneyland for the morbidly obese because unlimited lasagna.

Camp Shred is the Disneyland for surfers because…

You can test-drive virtually every surfboard model you’ve ever heard of. You can try a new wetsuit from each one of your favorite brands. You can check out and sample a variety of different surf accessories. You can drink beer. You can listen to live music. You can sleep in a tent. You can light chunks of wood on fire and fluff up a few narratives as the glow from the flames dances off your sun-reddened face. You can even walk around with a headlamp on and pretend like you’re a steel miner, if you want. I might.

The place is perfect. And it is free. And it is this weekend, February 27-28, at the San Elijo Campground in Cardiff, CA. There will be waves and sunshine. If you’re in the area and you like things, then I suggest you join us.