Working for the weekend wasn't just an expression for the most committed big-wave riders last week, but a mission statement, as the first frightening forecast of the season at Mavericks - a building WNW swell, triple-overhead sets that sent thunder claps to the beachhead - brought a world-class lineup back to Half Moon Bay for its fall homecoming. Twiggy Baker (Right), taking the drop into the chilly Pacific. Photo: Chachi

Angelo Luhrsen. Photo: Chachi

Bianca Valenti (Left) and Keali'i Mamala, sharing in a Mavericks duet. Photo: Chachi

Bianca Valenti may be an alternate for this year's Titans Of Mavericks contest, but the big-wave community has been vocal in its insistence that Valenti deserves a starting spot in the historic women’s heat. Photo: Pompermayer

Jamie Mitchell finds himself in the shadow of a giant. Photo: Chachi

Whitewater detonation, and while Mitchell emerged just fine...

...his neon gun received the worst of the beating. Photos: Chachi

Local risk, local reward for Santa Cruz's Kyle Thiermann. Photo: Chachi

Matty Lopez, drawing attention and escaping a backlit guillotine. Photo: Chachi

Friday brought blue skies and glassy sets to Half Moon Bay, and while Sunday's Mavs sets were easy on the eyes, the bigger conditions turned nasty at times... experienced firsthand by Matt Rott. Photos: Pompermayer

Number of surfers, neoprene thickness, chatter, shivers, prized waves - all variables increased throughout the Mavs lineup this weekend. Photo: Chachi

Luca Padua. Photo: Pompermayer

An empty gem flashes its good side for the camera crew. Photo: Chachi

Scratching, praying, and abandoning all hope. Photo: Chachi

Pat Shaugnessy, who will compete in this year's Titans Of Mavericks, brushing off the dust on a technical drop. Photo: Chachi

Twiggy Baker, loving the chaos on the Mavs battlefield...

...and taking part in the carnage himself. Photos: Chachi

BWWT Commissioner Pete Mel (Left) & Twiggy, deciding the right-of-way before the lip decides before them. Photo: Chachi

Peter Mel. Photo: Chachi

Ken "Skindog" Collins, always eager to challenge his beloved Mavericks. Photo: Pompermayer

Photo: Chachi