Whale Dead After Eating Our Plastic Bags

Whale Dies After Eating Plastic Bags

An innocent Pilot whale washed up dead on a beach in Thailand last week. The cause? It ate 80 plastic bags. 17 pounds worth. Because the ocean is filling up with plastic. The whale drifted into a canal, listless and obviously stricken [...]

Just “San No” to Nukes

Just "San No" to Nukes

If you’re anywhere near Southern California, surely you’ve heard by now that radioactive waste from the nuclear power station at San Onofre may be held in permanent storage right smack on the beach, a stone’s throw fr[...]

The Ocean: Endlessly Interesting

The Ocean: Endlessly Interesting

Have you ever, even for the briefest of moments, thought about the age of the water in which you're surfing? Were you even aware that water could be dated? I can tell you that I've never thought of either of those things. Never once oc[...]

Hey! Help Your Local Break

Hey! Help Your Local Break

If you're an eco-conscious surfer, what do you do to directly impact the health of the ocean? In a positive way, I mean. Lord knows, probably 90-percent of our impact on the coastline is extremely, almost aggressively negative. Do you [...]

How Could The U.S. Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement Affect Our Oceans?

No Paris Agreement. Now What?

Cloudbreak wasn’t the only reason Fiji crossed into your newsfeed this week. On Tuesday, Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainiramara — this year’s President of the United Nations’ conference on climate change —[...]