Surf Town Under Fiery Siege

Ventura Under Fiery Siege

Just when California thought its fire season had ended, a dry, windy weather pattern whipped through Southern California in recent days, fanning a massive firestorm that threatens to consume large swaths of Ventura, one of the country&[...]

The Ocean: Endlessly Interesting

The Ocean: Endlessly Interesting

Have you ever, even for the briefest of moments, thought about the age of the water in which you’re surfing? Were you even aware that water could be dated? I can tell you that I’ve never thought of either of those things. Never onc[...]

California’s Filthiest Beaches, Ranked

California's filthiest beaches, ranked

Heal the Bay released their list of the ten dirtiest, nastiest, most polluted beaches in all of California recently, which, sadly, went mostly unnoticed until The NY Times made it a story on their homepage. Some notoriously dirty beach[...]

Your Oceans, On Ice

Your Oceans, On Ice

“Spectacular sheer cliffs rising 100 feet above the ocean and extending 900 feet below the surface,” is how journalist Justin Gillis describes Antarctica in his recent three-part series in the New York Times, “Antarctic Dispatche[...]

Dismantling Of EPA Begins

Read: Dismantling Of EPA Begins

Back in 2015, President Obama signed into law the Water of the United States Rule, a provision that restricts pollution in streams and tributaries that flow into lakes and rivers. It took years and years of studies by both the EPA and [...]