Capo Valley High Cleans up 210 pounds of trash for the month of March!

Today was the last clean up for Capo Valley high in March and they did a very impressive job this month. Over the course of four different clean ups at 30 minutes a clean, Capo high Surf team cleaned up 210 pounds of rubbish at Strands beach in Dana Point. The surf team was already down at the beach for their surf team meets so why not clean up their local spot. Today the team cleaned up 50 pounds of rubbish mostly consisting of plastic bottle tops, Styrofoam, straws and even a hyperemic needle. It was great to see the team work together and comb the beach for left behind trash from beach goers. Hats of to Coach Shultz and the Capo High Surf team for being so pro active and cleaning up Strands Beach. Capo Valley has the most trash collected to date in the Ocean Minded/ Surfrider 4 schools 4 months program, with a trash tally of 210 pounds in a month. Keep up the great work Capo and best of luck for the rest of the year.

These two find some Yoga Mats that had washed up and are ready to hit the surf on their new shred mats.