Envirosurfer Announces Launch of Eco-Friendly Online Surf Shop

CARDIFF, CA – February 3, 2010 – Envirosurfer.com announces the launch of their new web-based eco-friendly surf shop, www.envirosurfer.com.

The new eco-friendly surf shop provides greener surf products all in one place for environmentally conscious surfers across the globe.

“It’s usually a long-drawn-out process when searching through multiple surf shops, whether it be online or in person when looking for surf products that simultaneously meet my needs as a surfer and are eco-friendly too,” says Envirosurfer Owner, Brandon Moyles.

Aiding in the need for a green focused economy, Envirosurfer was created to provide eco-minded surfers with environmentally responsible products that will not only push their surfing but help them have a positive impact on the planet as well.

“None of the products that we’ll be offering sacrifice anything in the way of performance” says Moyles. “I’ve been extremely picky in what we’ve chosen to carry.”
Envirosurfer caters to the needs of green-living surfers by exclusively offering eco-visionary surf brands, such as: Patagonia, Ocean Minded, Wave Tribe, and Rainbow Fin Company. In addition, five percent of every Envirosurfer purchase will be donated to various environmentally based non-profit organizations.

For more information visit www.envirosurfer.com
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